My name is Addi Black and I am an avid fashionista with a passion for film, art, and encouraging women to fully embrace the unique beauty they've been given.  When I was 18 I developed an eating disorder and struggled with it for several long and painful years before overcoming it. I partially attribute media and the fashion industry to my internal battle, and since my recovery, I have become increasingly disheartened with the feeling that we as women have to choose between health and "beauty" in our modern society. Why must we choose? Sure, most outfits look the best on a certain body type, but why must we feel like we need to tailor ourselves to fit the clothes when it should be the other way around? I created this blog partially out of frustration with the increasing limitations and pressures the fashion industry puts on women and how it affects the way we view ourselves in a negative way. I want this blog to be an encouraging and affirming voice that speaks to women of all ages, but mostly the younger generation that is more heavily pressured and influenced to force themselves to fit a certain mold, and remind them that we can be lovers of fashion and beauty while staying true to who we are and healthy and happy as a result. I strongly believe that fashion can be a tool of empowerment or a weapon of destruction, and it is up to us to make the decision on how it makes us feel. So there you have it. If anything, I hope you find a little dose of beauty/body image encouragement and fashion inspiration when visiting my humble little blog.