Sweater and Jean Jacket


Jacket: StyleWe (buy it here), Sweater: StyleWe (buy it here), Jeans: TopShop (sold out but there's a cute black floral pair from Zara here), Shoes: Zara (buy them here)

I love this gray structured sweater from StyleWe! I've already worn it three times within a week period. Okay, I know that's a little excessive but I love that it goes with everything including these crazy embroidered jeans from TopShop. Speaking of crazy, this jean jacket is one-of-a-kind and is quite hard to miss in a crowd. I love how unique and wild it is, but it definitely needs to be paired with something more mellow and toned-down. Both these StyleWe items are still available on their website (find them in the links above)!


Tea Dress


Dress: StyleWe, Tights: ASOS (similar here)

This dress is perfect for high tea at the Plaza. I didn't exactly have high tea when we took these photos, but I did go to the Plaza and proceed to knock over a glass lamp onto the beautiful marble floor and watch it shatter everywhere. I swear I could hear a pin drop afterward. So, needless to say I won't be going back to the Plaza anytime soon. But I love this adorable little dress! Get it here while it's still available! 




Dress: StyleWe, Boots: FarylRobin Fawcett for Target

This dress is BEGGING for a holiday party. I love the combo of the scalloped off-the-shoulder with the open bell sleeves. I think the slit sleeves give it a unique edge to your basic LBD. These boots are my newest shoe obsession. I love that they're business in the front and party in the back. They're still available exclusively on Target.com! Now can someone please invite me to a Christmas party so I can have a reason to wear this look?!


90's Vibe


Dress: StyleWe, Tshirt: Brandy Melville, Boots: ALRISCO via eBay, Sweater: StyleWe

Okay, as you can tell I've succumbed to this 90's trend, which makes me feel a little weird considering the 90's were my childhood. I remember wearing tshirts under everything and when chokers were all the rage. Wow, listen to me say "all the rage." That phrase tells you I'm getting old. Anyway, I love this outfit from StyleWe. The dress is so my vibe right now and I love how cozy and huge this sweater is! 

Who had a good Halloween?!